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Twitter, Blogs: 200th Blog. What!

As I approached retirement, my daughter Rebecca suggested I give thought to tweeting and blogging. I did, and they seemed infinitely better options than growing and entering shapely vegetables in the village show. My first blog, actually a year in advance of my leaving UCL, was on 30th October 2012. It was on what was… Read More »

A Second Open Letter to Iain McNicol

Second Open Letter to Iain McNicol 10 November 2016 Dear Iain McNicol, I was if you recall suspended from the Labour Party, in the process having my vote for Jeremy Corbyn as leader cancelled. This suspension was lifted recently but I was left with an indefinite warning on my ‘file’ with regard to my future… Read More »

My Letter to Iain McNicol Today

4 November 2016 Ref: XXXXXXXXXX Dear Mr McNicol, I received today your letter stating that my ‘administrative suspension’ from the Labour Party has been lifted and that I am ‘free to resume active membership’. You say that I was suspended following posts I ‘allegedly wrote’ on twitter, which ‘may cause offence to some Party members’.… Read More »

A Second Open Letter to My CLP Secretary

Dear Colleague, I found my first open letter to you a difficult but necessary one to write. It effectively challenged the way you are running our CLP. Well, things have moved on haven’t they? As you know I am currently suspended from the Labour Party for ‘naughty tweets’: my best judgement is that my offence… Read More »

Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn

Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party Dear Jeremy, Having rejoined the Labour Party in celebration of your election to its leadership in 2015, I was only too happy to vote for you again this year. You, John McDonnell, like-minded and loyal MPs, CLPs and hundreds of thousands of new members are… Read More »

Open Letter to Iain McNicol

Open Letter to Iain McNicol, General Secretary of the Labour Party Dear Iain McNicol, After over a month of repeated telephone calls and emails to the Labour Party, several assurances that I had not been purged or blocked, and three re-issues of my ballot, I was relieved to receive my ballot on Wednesday 14 September.… Read More »

Open Letter to my CLP Secretary

Dear Colleague, I recently emailed you as secretary of our CLP to say that I would no longer be attending either branch meetings or those of the CLP. This open letter is to explain why more fully than I have been able to do in our brief email exchanges, and to raise issues that I… Read More »

Reflections on ‘Utopianism’

I have in previous blogs expressed strong reservations about using the notion utopianism, discerning in the use of the term a latent predilection for totalitarian blueprints. One of my blogs was challenged by Steve Hall, who argued that we precisely lack and need an injection of utopian thinking. Those who follow Steve on twitter will… Read More »

EU: In, Out, Shake it All About

This is a blog written a few days after the EU referendum. I confess to still feeling shocked, disappointed and too restless to settle to anything much, even reading. I spent the evening of 23 June at the Dorking Sports Hall as a Labour Party observer of the Mole Valley count. It was a long… Read More »

The Implosion of the NHS

I have not blogged about the NHS for quite some time. In fact the last occasion I explicitly did so was when Wendy Savage and I were campaigning together in 2011 to strangle the Health and Social Care Bill at birth (our talks to students still reside somewhere on YouTube). I remain sceptical and confused… Read More »