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Sociology, Sport and Change: 2 – Financial Capitalism

The early or mid-1970 have commonly been regarded as transitional. The period since has been variously described as the era of high or late modernity, second modernity, postmodernity or dis- or re-organized capitalism; more graphic choices include predatory, casino and crony capitalism. The label of preference here is the less prejudicial and more evidence-based financial… Read More »

Sociology, Sport and Change: 1 – Ancient to Modern

Sport as play, performance, work or fitness, or skilful preparation for inter-community competition or war has been around as long as humans, and conceivably before.  But this has not always been sport that ‘we’ identify as such.  This blog’s author’s and likely readers’ starting point for defining sport is in all probability the second decade… Read More »

Sport Over Time: Eight Propositions

Sociology cannot be defined without causing offence to some at least of its practitioners, let alone to those outside the discipline; and it is one thing to respond positively to C Wright Mills’ injunction to be imaginative, quite another to agree on what this means or on exemplars.  The orientation towards the sociology of sport… Read More »

The Greek Games at Olympia

Watching an absorbing BBC4 programme on ancient Delphi brought back memories of a family visit to this magical, mountainous place many years ago. It was a trip that started in Aegina, involved picking up a rental car in Athens, and took us not only to Delphi but to Olympia and Corinth as well. Like Olympia,… Read More »