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Clive James in Cambridge

I have been asked for my autograph once, when I travelled with a Worthing High School VII to Llanelli to participatre in a Sevens competition (we went out to a local team captained by Phil Bennett). I was embarrassed by the attention but managed a signature of sorts. I have however signed a few books… Read More »

Critical Theory and Health

This is another longish blog adapted from a piece on critical theory and health that I contributed to Bill Cokcerham’s Encyclopaedia of Medical Sociology. Critical theory, I suggested, serves as an umbrella term to encompass a range of oppositional standpoints inside and outside of sociology. Marx, Marcuse, Foucault, Habermas and Deleuze and Guattari have for… Read More »

Bar Society – TCR

I have not always or only worked in cafes. As Aksel Tjora and I construct a proposal for a companion volume to our Café Society, to be entitled Bar Society, it is only appropriate that I come clean and acknowledge that at a certain time of day I can be seen escorting my laptop …… Read More »