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Jazz and Sociology

I have no musical pedigree, or ability. I have experienced this ‘lack’ the more so since moving to the village of Mickleham, which seems to have more than its fair share of talent. Stand-out musicians include Clare Kennington, a superb soloist on the violin, and sister Georgie, whose jazz singing I have enthusiastically blogged about… Read More »

Village Narratives: Georgie ‘Rose’ Kennington

When I was asked to write a few words on Georgie ‘Rose’ Kennington’s performance in St Michael’s Church I was apprehensive: after all I am no music critic! But I assented for two reasons. First, I had thoroughly enjoyed the evening’s programme; and second, if I know anything at all about music, then it’s about… Read More »

Village Narratives: An Historical Note

We were ready to leave our mid-Surrey provincial town partly because we needed more space, what with my 90-year old father encamped in our living room, and partly because of the predictable, grating noise from the Queens’s Head opposite. We could pool our resources and find somewhere larger and quieter. But ending up in Mickleham… Read More »